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zerona-3Dr. Roche is one of only three doctors in the country to be part of Erchonia’s exclusive Zerona Lipo-laser treatment research team, allowing him to be the first in Michigan to offer the revolutionary new non-invasive body-sculpting liposuction procedure that literally flushes extra fat out of your system.

Whereas many low-level laser procedures rely on heating tissue, which can cause discomfort, Zerona uses a cool, red beam laser to remove fat and contour the body without causing patients any pain or interruptions to their daily activities. The results are an average of 4 to 6 combined inches lost with up to 9 combined inches lost in the abdomen, hips, flanks and upper thigh area.

The exclusive treatment, which also can be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite and to tighten skin, works by disrupting the fat cells without any of the surrounding tissues or cells being affected. Tiny pores open on the fat cells, which remain intact, and the fat drains out of them into interstitial space. Then, it’s flushed out of the body by the body’s natural detoxification system. The treatments are designed so that the cells do not have a chance to reabsorb the fat.

Zerona is also used as a tool for post-care after traditional Liposuction to tighten and tone the skin while removing cellulite.

This is an FDA-approved laser procedure that is ideal for patients who are of a normal body weight but still have stubborn fatty areas that won’t go away with a healthy diet and exercise. By providing Zerona treatments, Dr. Roche gives patients an alternative to surgical procedures that offers no risk for complication or downtime, so it’s the ideal body-sculpting process for even the busiest people who wants to make a natural-looking change to their appearance.

Call Dr. Roche’s office at (248) 338-1110 to set up a consultation.

Listen to Dr. Roche talk to Detroit’s own Trudi Daniels from 101 WRIF and the Drew & Mike Show about Zerona!

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